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Our award-winning Electric Forecourts® provide the best EV charging experience with the latest High Power chargers, leading retail outlets, remote working areas and rentable office space.

You can also dive into the world of electric mobility with our EV Experience Areas and take the wheel of the latest electric cars with our unique test drives programme.

While each site is unique with its own combination of facilities and services, here is an overview of the types of things to expect at each site.

Our charging facilities are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Outside of retail hours, you can call our customer service hotline on 0333 1234 333 if you need assistance with EV charging.

Depending on the site you’ll find a range of chargers including

  • DC High Power chargers up to 350kW (CCS & CHAdeMO)
  • AC Low Power chargers (Type 2) up to 22kW
  • Tesla Superchargers (with CCS)

Please note, there are no Tesla CCS combo 2 adapters available on site so please bring your own, if needed.

Untethered and tethered charging 

All our DC chargers are tethered, which means you can plug your car into the charger using the cable attached to the unit.

However, the AC chargers are untethered, so you’ll need to bring your charging cable with you. However, if you do forget you can borrow one during opening hours from a member of the team.

In the event that you forget to pack up your cable after using the untethered chargers, please drop us a line at Contact us and a member of the Electric Forecourt® team will be in touch about returning it.

Our Electric Forecourt® designs include disabled parking, access ramps, accessible washrooms, lifts to access all areas and braille on the signage throughout the interior of the building. We engage with relevant parties to audit each Electric Forecourt® and suggest continuous improvements that also go on to inform the design of future locations.

During retail opening hours, we have a team of GRIDSERVE Gurus onsite who are more than happy to help you charge your vehicle – particularly useful if you’re visiting for the first time – and to help with any other questions you may have around charging or electric vehicles.

For out of hours assistance, please contact our Customer Service hotline on 0333 1234 333.

The number of toilets differ per site but will always include an accessible bathroom, ambulant bathroom and baby changing facilities. Customers can use these during retail opening hours.

We love our pets at GRIDSERVE and have lots of space for your furry friends to stretch their paws. However, we kindly ask that only service animals enter the building.

We offer free parking at our Electric Forecourts® whether you’re plugging in or stopping by to grab a coffee, stock up on snacks, take a test drive or use our meeting space. You don’t have to drive an electric vehicle, either.

The rules about how long you can stay differ between sites. For more details, visit our dedicated parking question here.

Our EV test drive programme is unique to the marketplace, in that it gives drivers the chance to explore a selection of the best-selling electric vehicles from different brands. You can also seek impartial advice from our team to find the vehicle that best suits your needs.

Test drives are bookable online here. Simply choose a time and date that suits you, and feel free to book back-to-back test drives so you can compare brands.

Find out all you need to know about each individual site, including charger provision, opening hours, test drive bookings and available facilities with the links below:

Talk to our GRIDSERVE EV Gurus

If you don’t have an electric vehicle yet, why not speak to one of our GRIDSERVE EV Gurus? Each Electric Forecourt® has its own team of impartial experts that know their kW from their kWh, so you can ask them any questions about charging or making the switch to electric. We even have some of the latest and most popular EV models available for test drive.

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