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Our step-by-step guide will explain how to charge your electric vehicle on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway.

The good news is it’s the same simple process, no matter where you’re plugging in.

  1. Identify the appropriate connector for your vehicle (either CCS, CHAdeMO or Type 2). You can tell this by looking at the charge port on your vehicle and then checking the end of the charging cable.

  2. Take your identified connector from the holster and plug it into your vehicle’s charge port.

  3. Tap your debit/credit card, contactless payment device (e.g., Google or Apple Pay) or fuel card against the payment terminal.

  4. Our payment system reserves a £1 (all GRIDSERVE Electric Highway locations) or £35 (Moto Rugby Services) pre-authorisation from your account, which is released once your EV charging session is complete. Read more about pre-authorisation charges here. 

  5. Wait for the connector to lock into your vehicle.

    That’s the point where the GRIDSERVE charger will start to communicate with your car to understand the speed of charge it can administer. You’ll likely hear a few clunks and whirs as the unit does this.

  6. Check the screen, it should move from a preparing screen to a charging screen with an image of a battery charging. The time and kWh should be increasing.

  7. Time to relax and grab a coffee.

  8. To end your EV charging session, tap your contactless card on the payment terminal, or press ‘STOP’ on the screen. Wait for the connector to unlock before returning it to the holster.

On our Medium Power chargers, you can charge two cars simultaneously on the same unit. The message on the charger screen will tell you that dual charging is enabled.

The charger will have two cables: either CCS and CHAdeMO or two CCS connectors.

While two cars are charging, the power is shared between the vehicles, reducing the amount supplied to each vehicle.

  1. To end your EV charging session, tap your contactless card or device on the payment terminal.

    You can also press the ‘STOP’ button on the charging unit’s digital screen to complete your session. If you’re plugged into a Medium Power unit that is supporting dual charging, make sure you’re stopping the correct connector. You may need to toggle between the screens using the left hand navigation on the screen.

  2. Wait for charging to stop and for the connector to unlock.

  3. Return the connector to the holster.

Top tips: Locating your charge port

While most EV manufacturers locate their charge ports at the rear of the car, there are some brands that conceal their charge ports in the bonnet, the front wings or even behind the grille.

Good to know: Using your car to stop a charge

All vehicles have their own systems in place to stop a charge manually, whether it’s holding the unlock button on the key fob, navigating to the charging menu on the in-car infotainment system or using the vehicle app. Check your manual to find out how.

Removing the cable

If the cable is at a slight angle, it may be hard to pull out after a charge and it’s easy to think that it has become stuck.

Ensure the charging connector and cable are straight and give it a firm pull. If this fails to work, many cars have an emergency release function which makes it possible to release the cable.

If both approaches fail, call the customer service hotline on 0333 1234 333 and an agent can remotely request the charger to release.

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