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What is the UK Plug-in Grant and which electric cars and vans are eligible?

The UK Plug-in Grant is a government subsidy designed to increase the uptake of electric vehicles, including cars, vans, trucks and motorcycles.   

It’s been through a number of changes over recent years with the level of support reducing as more and more people make the switch.   

Here’s a rundown of the current grants available for electric vehicles. 


What is the Plug-in Car Grant?

The Plug-in Car Grant (PiCG) was launched in 2011, providing a discount of up to £5,000 on the purchase price of a new zero-emission car. 

Over the next decade, the grant was gradually reduced from £5,000 to £1,500, while the vehicle eligibility criteria shrunk. And in June 2022, the government officially ended the PiCG

The Plug-in Car Grant was designed to kickstart the UK’s electric car revolution and, in the eyes of many, the scheme has been considered hugely successful. From less than 1,000 EVs registered in 2011, there are now hundreds of thousands registered each year. 

What is the Plug-in Van Grant?

While the PiCG was ended, the Plug-in Van Grant (PiVG) is still active as the government continues to incentivise businesses to go green. The size of the Plug-in Van Grant is dependent on the size of the vehicle being purchased.

Small vans – those weighing less than 2,500kg, with CO2 emissions under 50g/km and with a range of at least 60 miles – are eligible for a discount of up to £2,500. These include:

For large vans – those weighing between 2,500kg and 4,250kg – the maximum discount is £5,000. Eligible vans include:

For a complete list of the latest visit the government portal.


Grants for electric wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs)

The Plug-in Van Grant extends to those passenger vehicles that have been converted into wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs). The discount is up to 35%, with a maximum of £2,500.

To be eligible, the vehicle must be converted from a passenger vehicle (sometimes known as a category M1 vehicle), be completely zero emissions with a range of at least 70 miles. The list price of the vehicles must be less than £35,000 (not including the cost of the conversion).

The vehicles that can be converted include:


What about trucks?

Some trucks can be sold with a 20% discount and, just like vans, the total is dependent on size.

Small trucks, which weigh between 4,250kg and 12,000kg and have an EV range of at least 60 miles, are eligible for up to £16,000 off. For larger trucks, those over 12,000kg and often referred to as N3 vehicles, the grant is up to £25,000. 


Are electric motorcycles eligible for a grant?

Although rarer than electric cars and vans, plug-in motorcycles are also eligible for a grant discount of up to £500. To qualify it must be completely emission-free, capable of at least 31 miles between charges and have a list price of less than £10,000.

Similarly, electric mopeds are eligible for a discount of up to £150. Mopeds must be zero-emission, have a range of 19 miles and a price under £10,000.